by Drill Doctor
The Pull Through Kitchen Sharpener delivers incredibly sharp results on any kitchen knife in two easy steps. For those wanting a fast, easy, and effective way to sharpen kitchen knives, this is the one.

The Diamond Wheels quickly and gently sharpen the edge to 20°, while the Ceramic Wheels hone the edge back to a factory level of sharpness.

Re-sharpening is even easier, just use the ceramic hone and get back to the cutting board.

The additional Diamond Plate restores a sharp edge to your scissors. The ergonomic rubber grip handle and base provide a safe and comfortable sharpening experience. From repairing an old favorite, to honing a keen edge on your daily chef knife, this sharpener is up for the task. The compact design fits easily in your kitchen drawer or with your BBQ kit so there is no reason to tolerate a dull knife ever again.

– Sharpen on 320 grit diamond, hone on ceramic

– Compact, ergonomic design

– Includes scissor sharpener